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Custom WordPress Development

We specialize in custom WordPress Development that can support all of your website needs. Our Developers are capable of quickly providing you with WordPress theme and in-depth of knowledge of the CMS framework, features and functionalities. Our team is highly qualified to help you with comprehensive technical assistance. We strive to provide you the best of open source platform development service. We offer cost effective service within your budget to meet your business objectives.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015 and it is used by more than 60 million websites. WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP and currently the web’s most widely used fully customizable content management system to build websites No matter if you have a simple blog or a high-traffic corporate website, WordPress is for you!. WordPress makes the entire process of writing content, publishing it to the web, optimizing it, and keeping it organized a snap. WordPress makes it possible to create fully functional ecommerce websites, lead generation sites, or even brochure sites to showcase your business offerings.

Responsive Design

Making your website compatible with every sized screen is important now. You can build entirely different mobile themes or have a adaptable, responsive layout instead.

Standards Compliant Coding

Every piece of WordPress generated code is in full compliance with the standards set by the W3C


WordPress is optimized for search engines right out of the box. For more fine-grained SEO control, there are plenty of SEO plugins to take care of that for you.

Retina-Display Ready

Displaying a website that serves Retina ready graphics (higher resolution) will display sharper images and brighter, more vivid colours.

Theme Customization

We can change the look and feel of your WordPress website by applying a new custom made or off-the-shelf theme directly to your existing framework. No downtime, instant redesign.

Easy Installation and Upgrades

WordPress has always been easy to install and upgrade.

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